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Ready to make a bigger splash online? I help functional medicine practitioners & health coaches launch money-making  websites & sales funnels.

Let's Bring Your Wellness Biz to Life. 


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Standing out in the sea of other wellness experts can be tough, but a better brand + website helps you gain




We Make it Easier For functional medicine practitioners & health coaches to launch Expert wellness brands + websites, So They Can Grow Their Businesses, Build Their Bank Accounts & Live With More Freedom. 

in a nutshell:

Founder, writer, designer, marketing strategist, mother & spirited entrepreneur. 

Hi, I'm Chelsea -
Lover of All Things Websites, Words 

As an entrepreneur myself, I know how much goes into running a successful online business. And, if you're like most health & wellness practitioners, all this "online marketing stuff" tends to feel pretty overwhelming. 

Whether it's your website, social media strategy, email marketing, lead magnets or sales funnels...I'm here to bring order to the chaos. 

My goal is to help you launch a brand & website you love, and learn the online marketing skills necessary to grow your online wellness business (with less overwhelm).

Sound pretty good? 

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trusted by the best:

trusted by the best:

trusted by the best:

be the salt of the earth...

A Stronger Online Presence = Less Hustle For You.

More credibility + sales = a more sustainable wellness business. And that allows you to help more people liver healthier, happier lives.

+ greater impact

Showing up online with professional design & strong messaging builds trust & credibility with the people you're here to serve. 

+ greater Credibility

A strong online presence & crystal clear messaging increases your perceived value, which means more sales, and higher-ticket programs!!

+ more sales

       of people base the credibility of a business on how their website looks. 

- Stanford University Study

The Doorway to Your Business


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Get 8-hours of dedicated attention to move your business forward fast with design & copywriting.

VIP Days

Snag my social media bundle of 48+ "done-for-you" posts designed for health & wellness practitioners.

Social Bundle

A program designed to help you launch a website & nail your marketing strategy.

Launch Rx


$47.00 | Details Please

customizable graphics
pre-written captions


Professionally-written social media captions + customizable graphics to engage your health & wellness audience. Topics are focused on diet & lifestyle so they are relevant regardless of your niche or specialty! Every post includes a graphic *and* the pre-written caption to with it, so your entire post is done.

Social Bundle

Delivered in Canva for easy customization

Bonus 10+ page "lead magnet" template

48 pre-written diet & lifestyle posts

100% customizable templates 

A self-paced program providing you with everything you need to launch a wellness brand & website you love. Plus, the marketing strategy to scale to 6-fig & beyond. Get access to designer templates, marketing support & step-by-step tutorials.

Self-paced program

Drag & drop templates

Professional audit from me!

Step-by-step tutorials

Community of practitioners

Launching late 2022 - sign-up to get notified of a limited number of "beta" / "founding member" seats!

Built on a Launch Rx template:

$1,600 | Get on the list

$1,600 | make me a VIP

Ready to launch a new website, spruce up the words on your existing site, launch a new group program, or create some other marketing tools you just haven't had time for? VIP Days offer 8 hours of my dedicated time to move your business forward fast.  Examples of what we can work on:

Launch a 1-page website!

Create a sales page for your program

Add a shop or blog to your website

Create a reusable social media template library

let's do it!

“I'm over the moon happy with my new website - best business investment!”

"You seriously GET functional medicine - I'm super happy to have found someone that can help copywriting moving forward. And love love LOVE my website! Thank You!!!"

Kristen Barret

“You make everything look & sound so good! Love my website & updated brand!

You took the potentially stressful job of redoing my website and made it completely stress-free and easy. Thank you so much - I love all of it! 

Dr. Lindsay 

Kristen Barret, FDN-P, FNTP |  Founder of Epic Health

Dr. Lindsay Hollister, N.D. | Founder, The Organic Cure

my mission

To Help Functional Medicine Practitioners + Health Coaches Build More Sustainable Online Empires By Making it Easier & More Accessible to Launch High-End Wellness Brands & Websites. 

Snag five done-for-you social media posts on holistic health topics. You get (5) pre-written captions ready to be personalized for your business + (5) matching graphics!

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-- done-for-you --

All Yours

launch rx

Ready to launch a Wellness Brand & Website You love?

Join the Launch Rx List

-- done-for-you --

Simply swap in your brand color & personalize the "done-for-you" captions on diet & lifestyle topics.

All Yours

100% customizable + pre-written captions!

A free week of social media.

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