A Monthly Social Media Subscription For Health Coaches & Practitioners.

Professionally-written social media captions (and customizable graphics!) to engage your health & wellness audience, sent straight to your inbox each month! 

If you're like most health practitioners you know that posting on social media is good for your biz...but finding the time to make it happen is no easy feat.

Work smarter, not harder

If we haven't met before, hello!

I run a niche marketing studio focused exclusively on health & wellness practitioners & holistic health businesses.  

I created Content Club to help healthpreneurs (just like you!) save time, without sacrificing their social media growth. 

Each month I write engaging posts on holistic health & wellness topics, with customizable graphics to match. All you have to do is swap in your brand colors & personalize the captions!

As a healthpreneur, it can feel like you have two full-time jobs: focusing on your clients AND growing your online biz. 

Hi there, I'm Chelsea 👋

who is this for?

Health Coaches

Naturopathic Physicians

NUtritionists & dieticians

Functional practitioners

Holistic wellness pros

Wellness advocates

you Spend too much time thinking about what to even post each week

you Spend too much time trying to design graphics in canva

you Spend too much time trying to make things sound just right

This is for you if...

you Know there are better ways to spend your time

Introducing Content Club

$49/month, with 50% off your first month. 

Customizable Canva templates

Pre-Written Captions!

What You Get

Each month you get

(8) EIGHT pre-written social media posts ON DIET & LIFESTYLE - 6+ pages of content.

(8) eight social media GRAPHICS, easily customizable to match your business & brand

drag & drop templates to promote your blog posts, newsletter & offers on social media

Engaging diet & lifestyle topics + social media planning tools to help you stay organized!

How it works


Sign-up for Content Club and get instant access to the current month's captions & graphics, with a new bundle sent to your inbox each month!

2. personalize

Easily customize the pre-made graphics in Canva with your desired colors & fonts. And personalize the templated captions.

3. Share

Share on Instagram and across your other social media platforms to engage your health & wellness audience!

Three Easy Steps

Customizable Graphics + Pre-written Captions

I need this in my life!

Plus, bonus templates to promote webinars, health challenges, New Offers, blog posts & freebies.

Get Access Now | $24.50

After leaving behind a marketing career in the mainstream healthcare industry, I started my own creative marketing studio, working exclusively with independent health coaches & practitioners. All this to say, I've pretty much figured out what works & what doesn't. Content Club captions give you a solid framework to start sharing your story & your offers, without spending hours stressing out in Canva or staring at a blank screen. 

why trust me??

OK, but who is this chick? 

"I'm saving hours each week for the cost of a couple Starbucks runs. It's a no-brainer to me."

Heather, Beta Program Participant

This      for you if:

You promote natural health & wellness

You prefer conventional healthcare

you want to find more clients online

You'd rather pay for expensive ads to find new clients

You want an economical solution

It's probably         for you if...

You'd rather pay for completely custom copywriting each month ($$$)


"Lead Magnet" template to Attract Your Ideal Clients (10+ pages).

A fully customizable template to build your "freebie" / "lead magnet".  Simply fill in your content, and start promoting on social media & on your website to grow your audience. 

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Bonus time...

LEad Magnet / Freebie template

Diet & lifestyle topics that are relevant To Every Niche.

Wow, I need this!

See you inside!

$49/mo, with 50% off your first month. 

Customizable Canva templates

 Pre-Written Captions